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About 933Desings

Art is everywhere and in everything. We represent that by shaping it with our own creativity. Creativity is the soul of artist and food for his art. Here, we welcome you to our window from where you can see your own home more of your own choice. 933 designs offers you a statement, a unique decor to your lovely home.

Wood and geometry, that's our ingredients with which we are creating beautiful food for your walls. ”Going to the woods is going home” said by John Muir, and that's what 933 designs collaborates? for you. We are bringing Nature into your home itself. And geometry teaches us the balance and beauty in simple things. It enlightens our intellect and sets our senses. Senses, through which we feel the art around us.

933 designs also gives you an insight of royalty through it's exceptional thread art. Our Indian tradition is itself a true symbol of Art. We are offering your walls some Indian-ness with our unique embroidered elegance. Our unmatched creativity and your distinctive vision makes a perfectly designed home. 

All you need is love and 933 designs for your home

Wood Piles

Wood / Thread

The Art Atelier


Handcrafted in India

Aspiring uniqueness is the asset of 933 designs. We do what makes your home shine. 933 designs introduce the most aesthetic touch of handcrafted art pieces in India. Our every art piece has a positive energy that no matter where it goes, it always adds value to the spaces and lives around it.

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